I was recommended Amanda for professional supervision by an ex-colleague and was not disappointed.  As a relatively new social worker, I found the experience, reflection and insight that Amanda brought to my supervision sessions to be a great support during my transition into a new social work role and field of practice.  Amanda helped me to identify my strengths, critically reflect on my cases and further develop my practice approach.  I also felt that these sessions helped me to maintain a connection to the social work profession whilst practicing in an organisation where I was the sole social worker.  Overall I was very happy with the sessions and would definitely recommend Amanda as a supervisor.

Julia - Social Worker

Darwin, NT

I can recommend Amanda Nickson as a professional supervisor. Amanda's supervision style is supportive, reliable and thorough.  I liked Amanda's positive approach when she supervised my practice and I always felt as though I had been really listened to during our supervision sessions. When you work in a remote area as a professional, without many peers close by, having a supervisor who actively listens is really important.  Amanda and I worked collaboratively during supervision around issues and tricky situations, I found myself working in. As a non-Indigenous worker, working in an Indigenous community, I found Amanda's recognition of Australia's first peoples, respectful, and helpful in understanding the dynamics of the work place.  I highly recommend Amanda as a supervisor.  

Charlene - Social Worker

“As a professional colleague, I have appreciated Amanda's professional Peer Supervision sessions over the years. It is not only new graduates who can benefit from professional supervision, but also social workers' like myself who are at the cross roads in their career path, who seek professional guidance and direction. Amanda is an amazing person, so patient, empathetic, an active listener, and non-judgemental in her practice. I have also found Amanda to be creative, innovative and solution focused in providing constructive, relevant and appropriate solutions/outcomes to the perceived complexities and dilemmas of daily practice. Amanda is a social worker who is truly professional and trustworthy in her practice. I hold a great deal of respect and fondness for Amanda, and grateful our paths have crossed. Thank you Amanda!!!”

Barbara - Social Worker


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